Window Positioning


Rectangle is a free and open source window tiling software for macOS. It adds native windows snapping similar to Windows. It also adds a variety of shortcuts for more customizations. [7]


  • control + option + [left|right] arrow = Move a window to be on half of the screen.


Rosetta 1

Rosetta 1 was used to run PowerPC programs on Intel. It was provided in MacOS X 10.4 Tiger through 10.6 Snow Leopard. [3]

Rosetta 2

Rosetta 2 is used to run Intel programs on Arm. It was first added to macOS 11 Big Sur. [4] When an Intel program is executed, macOS will prompt the end-user to install Rosetta 2 if it is not installed already. [5]

Manually install Rosetta 2:

$ softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Enter an Intel-compatible shell on the CLI [6]:

$ arch-x86_64 zsh


Xcode Developer Tools is a suite of different utilities for doing development on macOS. It can be installed from the App Store.

Common utilities [1]:

  • Command Line Tools = awk, git, make, sed, ssh, svc, tar, zip, and more.

  • SwiftUI = A user interface designer for Swift programs.

  • Terminal 2 = An advanced Termanial app that supports more colors, additional tabs, and full Unicode support.

  • Xcode IDE = A custom IDE tailored for development of apps on Apple products.


Homebrew is an unofficial package manager for macOS.

  • Install: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  • Search for a program to see if it can be installed: brew search <PACKAGE>

  • Update cached repository metadata: brew update

  • Install a CLI utility: brew install <APP>

  • Install a GUI app: brew install --cask <APP>

  • Upgrade a package: brew upgrade <PACKAGE>

  • Upgrade all packages: brew upgrade

  • View all programs, and their dependencies, installed by Homebrew: brew list

  • View only the programs, not their dependencies, that were installed by Homebrew: brew leaves




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